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A Closer Look At Grow Jamaica Movie

By Lana Bray

Jamaica is a very common country heard of due to its people who engage in many activities all over the world. The common things about this place are the passions the people have for marijuana drug, music especially reggae and sporting activities like athletics recently. Since marijuana is prohibited in the country as a drug, many have been campaigning for it to be accepted in the society and be legalized by the government through grow Jamaica movie.

Grow Jamaica movie is a film which tries to show the importance of the marijuana plant so as to be accepted and be legalized by the state. Marijuana is actually a strong-smelling drug made from dried leaves of a plant called hemp, a cannabis plant. The government had considered the effects the drug had been causing to the citizens and banished it. It had lead to rise in social crimes and even being used by small schooling children.

The film is authored by Dr. L. James Campbell who is the author of the book Grow Jamaica. This is the book which was basically used to produce the movie as its contents reflect the same message. Campbell is a mufti talented person since he is a designer, artist and also a teacher. He is also famous as he has done research on natural herbs.

Featured in the grow Jamaica movie and film is variety of people from all occupations. Politicians, legal professionals, economists and many others give their views about the issue. Each of them views the issue from a different perspective. Their views are different since they represent different sectors or institutions in the country. This brings about a debate whether marijuana should be legalized or not. Obviously in this case some are for it and others are not.

Apart from the senior professionals and politicians, also featured are street boys and other common people. For them they can give many reasons as to why the treasure marijuana and would love to have it legalized in the country. The youth claim to have no employment and would have been better to have it legalized so that they can make economic activities out of it apart from taking it as a drug.

Dr. James Campbell author of the book and starring the movie is a mulch talented individual. He is a teacher, designer and artist. The interesting part of it is that he is the main campaigner towards legalizing ganja in Jamaica. Since he is a famous researcher in natural herbs, he believes marijuana has many uses than people can imagine.

The starring cast believes that marijuana has many uses to the society than people may realize. One actually asks if God the creator gave them to plant to make use of it, why the government should come in to block them from exploiting it with the many uses it has.

Grow Jamaica movie impact is yet to be seen since it was produced. The heated debate continues also between the government and the people. The case is a sensitive one and the people of this country might never get to understand why the government takes it to be harmful to the people.Otherwise when used the right way, they make life to more lively such that people tend to have more energy after watching.

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